Sunday, April 8, 2012

the lying/laughing stock of the world

After watching the past couple episodes of Mr. Fry's venture, it got me thinkin'... Americans who claim to be against science are like the obnoxious patrons of restaurants who consume 3/4ths of their plate and then detest the bill, or cheekily fib it's 'not what they wanted,' and send it back for a completely new meal. if you've used it (or, consumed it) how can people blatantly lie as such? while it's understandable to be weary of the ramifications of complete technological takeover, to be this sort of creature who has taken advantage of products created through the wonders of the scientific world, who then goes out and publicly denounces it to gullible widespread audiences --- how on earth should we deal with this sort? in restaurants, we must quietly give in and give them whatever they want no questions asked, but where are the disagreers? the rabble rousers? we need more individuals willing to go against the lying stock of assholes ... oh wait, the assholes hang our jobs over our heads like toy mouses. ah, that'll keep our mouths shut. sigh. (disclaimer: my cafe is not run by assholes, but they dine there in droves. and yes, you could say without them there would be no salary. nevertheless, their attitudes speak loud enough through their orders.) And while a person of this sort could read this and get pissy with me, they could take this as a bit of critique, and shipshape the hell up! as Mr. Fry spoke to a soldier who was stationed in Iraq that came home to find his town completely wrecked by Katrina go ignored and not rebuilt, the young man said: "For a country that is named the United States of America, where is the unity?!" That's what I wonder all the flippin' time.

Edit: On another hand, science has been abused by assholes, and some people are sick of it, but it's hard to take sitting down when the people denouncing it publicly seem to be the lunatics who denounce everything we SHOULD stand for (and that cosmopolitanism is a terrible, terrible thing.) They're paid by their corporate puppeteer to say such for the 1%'s own version of the Super Bowl. Oh what fun they have with their little playthings...

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