Thursday, April 26, 2012

nice dreams help deal with drole realities much more easily.

Oh, the alluring, enchanting affluent man from a big shiny city in my dreams last night: while on a family vacation someplace, I met him, we entangled, but then asked me to leave with him on a helicopter to the big shiny city with him... even though I knew my family would forbid me to leave, I left anyways... in a diamond encrusted dress ... he held me the entire length of the ride (in my head, I kept worrying that I wasn't supposed to be doing this... but was too into this sort of moody rich guy, near my age..) I looked down and out as we approached - it was the most beautiful city I'd seen, and once we arrived, had to mingle with his counterparts (which was fine, I can mingle with anyone ...) he just kept kissing me and regarding me as the most important thing he couldn't let go of. It was very pleasant.

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