Wednesday, April 18, 2012

more of an update than usual

the nicest southern breeze, a silly lad playing james brown and a bit of my favorite reminiscent drink, whiskey & diet coke [slowly enjoyed mind you.] haven't had it in forever but it's the nicest of the highs when properly managed... proper management is where I've made my most progress, in many areas.
this year may have started out /and or/ has been my most quiet year, but it's definitely been the most awe-inspiring. maybe I'm due to let it all out sooner than later, but those who really know, I will and can talk to someone as little... or as much, as possible, (and properly mind-surveyed throughout.) or how dead I am for answers when old men at the bus terminal (while waiting or inside moving vehicle) want to have conversations with me, and I let them get away with all the numerous "well if I was your boyfriend I'd do this for you's" and pats on the back and head (only one guy, but not gonna let him pull that on me again) I'm just so exhausted, fighting it would just make it all the more torturous. although you think with the giant headphones and exasperating fatigue after a heltery skeltery one and 1/2 miles powerwalked/shifty eyes behind sunglasses, no one would bother. not quite. you are, in fact, the most susceptible person there.
my leg has been looking a little funny and hurting more than usual... trying to rest it as much as I can... it's just strangled my life enough, to where I need it to be up to pace with me, but it's not quite there yet. hopefully it can be a worry that slowly disintegrates into nothing.
dassit for now, going to the funky side of town.

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