Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Team Building Exercise '99

A few minutes ago, I decided to, as so many times before, check my horoscope (yeahyeah I know, don't shoot me over it) but! it was exactly what happened at work between a close co-worker and I. Very thankful for her being so patient with me, initiating and leading the conversation in the resolving process of her and I's hectic past week, and because of it, becoming a stronger individual due in part to the sometimes difficult challenges with others that must be solved in order to succeed. Anyways, here it was:

An understanding atmosphere
You are particularly perceptive during this time - you have an almost infallible feeling for the fine, often unnoticed sensitivities of others and can take these into account during team-work and in conversations. In this way you create an open, sympathetic atmosphere in which your counterpart feels relaxed and secure. This is an excellent background for all personal contact and private talks with people who are close to you. Perhaps small hurts that others have suffered, which have made them sensitive, will come up in conversation. Should you find out that you yourself - even if unintentionally - were the cause of this injury, you now have the opportunity to make this good. Even small wounds need to be healed.

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