Monday, September 19, 2011


KD: Jamie, the healthcare system has turned into an absolute scam. Point being, I had my MRI, was told I had ganglion cysts... go to the orthopedist today, and he was a giant tool and just told me all I needed was physical therapy. I fucking cried. and then he told me there 'must be something wrong with me' if I'm referring to my pain as a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10.) The cyst(s) are deep in the back of my right leg/back of my kneecap.


KD: Then I proceeded to scowl at him and the lady who took the co-pay on my way out, and have been miserable for the rest of the day... crying, eating a lot, sleeping, and trying to cheer myself up to no avail.

JP: There are awful doctors out there, get a second opinion for sure.

KD: i was SO FUCKING CERTAIN everything was going to be taken care of and that i'd get whatever this giant bulgey feeling in my leg removed so my veins can stop bulging and pulsing outwards (and be discolored) and these fucking shooting pains from my thigh to my feet could stop. even my mom thinks we should maybe find someone else, she went with me, shes a nurse (chemo RN, but nevertheless) and she thought he was something, coming in there a fucking hour and a half after what appointment was scheduled to be at - and then running his fast trap and being a condescending asshole - while the dude shadowing him that came in prior (and felt my leg) seemed to show more sympathy and understanding than the actual doctor. I just felt completely and absolutely shut down.

JP: You really need a different doctor. Drs, especially older ones, think they can get away with this shit in this day and age.

KD: I felt as if I was almost giving him a death glare. I've already paid $170 of my own money for co-pays. Seriously cant stop crying, I can't deal with this bullshit anymore... it's weighed on my positive side so much all I can see is negative now. All I want to do is feel better and get a job and do well for myself again, and nothing wants to seem to let me do that for myself.

(Another friend, who has survived cancer)

CM: yeah, i'm not a big fan of doctors, more from having to visit them so much than for them not doing their job. wikipedia (my trusted source for everything) says surgery or draining is the way to get rid of those

KD: yeah, but he said he wouldnt do it. but the thing is, this fucking office didnt even know my fucking MRI existed until they read it on my patient forms i gave them, when they were supposed to have been referred from my primary.

I had the MRI. I had to call the 'primary' I was given from the ER to find out what was up, she phoned and said I had the cysts, she referred the douche, and when I called to set the appointment for this dude, they had me print out fill out the patient form, and it doesnt seem like he had any prior contact about my MRI then what I wrote down on the form/and he probably looked up right before walking in the room to talk to me.

CM: medical people put out a lot of bs. did you find another doctor to visit?

Welp. Mystery Diagnosis bullshit is BULLSHIT.

EDIT: Watching 'Animal Crackers' to feel better.

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rootsmama said...

I have had similar, f*&^&ed up experiences with the medical system. If you can scratch together enough for one or two more, go see someone involved with integrative medicine (naturopath, homeopath). A very good acupuncturist may even be able to help. I you're interested, I know a great naturopath, and an excellent acupuncturist who works with a sliding scale. I also have a great friend who opened a medical spa a couple of years ago. She's all the way out in Boston/Cambridge, but is familiar with these cysts. Loads of luck to you.

Karyn Danforth said...

Thank you, unfortunately it would probably be too much of a hassle to go back up north (being down in Florida now) and I've already spent a plane tickets worth of co-pays... while I have decent savings, I want to keep it as savings... I'm nervous to blow any more than I have to in all of this nonsense.
It's only 11:30am and luckily though, my mom (who is at work, bless her) and I have been relaying messages back and forth, calling the primary and letting her know how yesterday went, and have been referred to another ortho who is actually requesting the film of the MRI from the Imaging Center it was taken at, so it's sounding somewhat more positive than what happened yesterday. Still scheduling with the physical therapy too, and apparently am getting a prescription for the pain, something stronger than ibuprofen that will also ease my anxiety, which could be/probably is another factor in the overall pain.

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