Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jumpin' jehosaphat!

Leg is being scoped and the cysts are being surgically removed next Wednesday. This ortho said surprised: "The other ortho didn't suggest surgery? Really?" Yeah, really. It's going to be scoped because he doesn't think the cysts alone would be producing the major pains that have been felt from upper thigh to foot. Unfortunately the three tramadols a day isn't working today, having had to walk an hour (to the bus terminal from the ortho, then a mile home from where the bus dropped me off) and then sweep/vacuum all the floors in the house thoroughly for our guests this weekend (reminder: Simba is the sheddiest bear of a dog ever) and clean the bathrooms... I'm sitting here with an ice pack on the underside of my kneecap. Add in the first day of my girly thing and dealing with Simba's thunderstorm freakout = completely frazzled and not moving for the remainder of the evening. Have to get up at like six AM to go work my first day of work... while I'm going to suck up the pain and deal, I'm hoping they understand the need to not work on surgery day.

(Two of my MRI's --- saved a bunch of them. Interesting to look at!)

2 inquiries:

Marv said...

Aww! I hope you feel better! Where'd you move?! Who are ya living with?

Karyn Danforth said...

to florida, recoopin' with my momma. after this, i'll be back on my own two feet... literally!

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