Friday, September 30, 2011

sick of always hearing act your age

Methinks a ninja beat me up in my sleep, for I awoke with a fat lip and a sore bump on my forehead. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? I don't... get it.

I am way too excited for this dumb ace bandage to come off so I can use my NEW LEG! Yes boys and girls, I actually got a new prosthetic leg installed, properly fitted to suit a GIANT RIFLE! PA-CHOW. Naw. Just my same boring leg sans cysts. But it still hurts, and apparently I need to check my temperature; if I have a fever I might have an INFECTION.

But I cannnnnnnnnot wait to use my leg free of pain again! I will jump up and down in jovial glee! I will catapult into the air without a care! I WILL RUN FARTHER THAN FORREST GUMP, and squeal in jubilant victory that I didn't end up like Lieutenant Dan! THE WORLD IS MY BURRITO! AHAH-HAH, AH-HAHHAH..... ah.

I can already feel my mood improving! Sucks how physical problems affect you mentally... my mind and mood was imprisoned for two years. Now I can get the jobs, make the bucks, get my own place, live my life, get on with the show... and once everything gets settled, I can pay back the people who I care for the most. Not by buying them useless shit, more like take them out and have MEEEAAAAGICAL MOMENTS. Speaking of which, I really need to geek out soon and go to the Harry Potter themepark. And the DALI MUSEUM!

In lieu of today's discovery, I would like to proudly present:

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