Friday, September 16, 2011

yes yes yes!

1. dream sequence last night into this morning: someone stalking me outside my house, woke up nerve-wracked, back to sleep to then dream myself into (a much younger) woody allen movie (in bed with him...) woke up again weirded out, then back to sleep to only conjure up a dream sequence of me shopping for random salad ingredients.

2. Watching a really silly Buster Keaton movie today, 'College,' a silent film made in 1926.

3. Ortho appointment scheduled for Monday (die evil battalion of ganglion cysts! Steve: "It's like you have gargoyles in your leg.") and was blessed with bountiful birthday wishes today in every form imaginable! gimp swimming to the tune of andrew bird, dinner out, ICE CREAM (!) The Notebook on the tele (even though that gets me all .... oh, you know.)

Twas a most satisfying birthday... although I am terribly missing Autumn... guess I'll have to do without it for now.

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