Sunday, September 4, 2011

the brace of grace

Oh boy look at how HAPPY I AM!!!!!!

This be my situation right now. Hospital we went to didn't have an MRI machine, so I have to call an ortho first thing on Tuesday (yes thank you Labor Day weekend) and hopefully will be getting in shortly thereafter because this is painful as h-e-double hockey sticks and it would be nice to not feel so gosh darn immobile. There's only so much internet television one can consume (I watch three episodes of something and then wish I could just get up and DO something) Did get up today to help clean a little... we're having guests today and I wish I wasn't like this... but even just cleaning the bathroom (have to take the brace off to sleep, and hadn't put it on yet, was leaning/bending my legs to get every hard to reach spots on/in the toilet and bathtub) and afterwards... it just killed. Took my anti-inflammatorys, laced up the brace... and the Catch 22 about it is, while the pressure makes it feel somewhat better, it also makes it ache/pulsate more. So... apparently my mothers friend and her daughter arrives in a half an hour and is staying the night. The other thing is, I haven't been drinking/obviously shouldn't be drinking in this situation anyways... BUT BOY DO I WISH I COULD. (Or at least had some herbs to aide me... sigh...)

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