Sunday, September 18, 2011

They're here.

Watched that terrible Piranha 3-D movie with my mom tonight; disgustingly awful it was. Oh boy, skank and doofus beach party with mindless trance music gets busted by a bunch of bloody hungry CGI piranhas in which they dilacerate hoards of human bodies that really served no more of a purpose than to drunkenly talk about the size of each others boobs and dongs. Poor fake piranhas.
It did get me all interested in reading up on them though... one of their predators is, oddly enough, dolphins? And the species that is most meat maniacal is the red-bellied, which is primarily found in the Amazon River. They're the ones with the man-eating myth attached to them, but they really don't want anything to do with us:

In reality they're like the vultures of the sea. Give them some dead rotten meat and they'll have a tea party. (Reminds me of when I was little: going under water with a circle of friends, legs pretzeled, pretending one hand was a saucer, the other was the teacup...) ANYWAYS...

Now I want to see the 1978 version of Piranha.

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