Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unlock the box your heart's encased...

Now that I'm heavily invested in the process of detoxifying myself [having basically ousted everything toxic from intake - currently just taking vitamins, Turmeric Curcumin, and Ibuprofen while getting a decent diet of fruits, veggies, and protein] I feel guilty after drinking four non-caffeinated cans of diet soda... which I plead guilty as charged of this evening, after telling myself not to. Now my stomach hurts.
Finally feeling true clarity again. It's... astounding, and not easily put into words. Ever so slowly getting the itch to write again... it came out tonight in the form of tweeting jokes about the GOP debate, but nevertheless, it was omnipresent. That general intoxicating feeling that I get through quirk - the melange of words bounding through my head again. My poor head... which was becoming more damaged with every drop, butt, and bic. Unfathomable, the personal hell I was entrapped inside. Everything was 'drone on the past, no, how can I think about the future when this and that and ---' CUT THE CORD. Cut the shit. Extricate, alleviate.
The anxiety is still existent, but it's slowly diminishing, and making way for leaps and bounds, chutes and ladders. At the moment, I am happy to report that a calm collective aura has washed over by mind, soul, and body, and for the first time, I will say with honest deliverance, Thank God.

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